Who We Are

Who We Are


Ross Kinkade


Hi šŸ‘‹

I'm Ross Kinkade, the Founder of Trash Panda Capital.

I've spent some time in the non-profit, aviation and SaaS industries, in a variety of Salesforce, Sales Operations and analysis positions.

My duties include the leadership of Trash Panda Capital, along with sourcing, analyzing and making investments šŸŒ±

Tater Tot

Chief Bark Officer

Tater Tot is a one to two year old Carolina Dog that was adopted by Ross & his girlfriend in October 2019.

Roaming the halls and rooms of the Trash Panda Capital headquarters in Grand Rapids, Tater Tot is in charge of the Barking, Treat and Belly Rub departments here at Trash Panda Capital. šŸ•


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