Private Equity

Private Equity

We love things that others don't want. ā™„ļø While most people are chasing the next shiny thing, we prefer things that are comfortable, simple, but provide excellent value and have high potential for automation & streamlining. Currently, we are focused on two specific types of business and projects in the aviation industry: šŸ¦¾ New School: Digital Information (i.e. Flight Training courses/ebooks), Content (Aviation blogs & newsletters, etc), Services (i.e. Aviation Consultancy), e-commerce (Aviation drop-shipping/Shopify stores) and SaaS Products ( no-code Flight Booker) šŸ—ļø Old School: Businesses owned by owners that want to retire (i.e. a 40 year old aircraft maintenance business), physical products & manufacturing (i.e. a aircraft engine re-manufacturer), and services (i.e FBO at an airport). We also hate the bullshit, dishonesty and ruthlessness throughout the private equity industry. Thus, we aim to hold businesses & projects as long as we can, and grow them in a slow, steady and sustainable manner, while automating them as much as we can. Long term, automated cashflow is king in our eyes. Interested in getting in touch with us about a deal? Use the form below!

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