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Background 🌆

I’ve been working in the Salesforce industry for many years, rising the ranks from an accidental admin at a Non-Profit to being a contractor for multiple companies, with a brief stint in the aviation consulting in between. Life has a mysterious habit of changing & pushing you a different direction though - when I broke my ankle in January 2022 and faced months of recovery, my phone started ringing non-stop with people looking for Salesforce help. That’s where the idea for Pong Solutions was born. I’ve worked for Salesforce Partners in the past, but they fail at the basics - communication, documentation, honest billing and quality work. Our focus is to make sure clients get quality work without getting overcharged, or left with a bad experience. Pong is designed with operations & honesty in mind - we have a knowledge base of SOPs & Processes to automate & streamline work, along with professionals with many years of experience in Salesforce products and related third party products. We also design with the user in mind - no more Salesforce orgs that require hundreds of fields of data, take too long to load pages, and require dozens of clicks from the users. With this, we also train users and clients as part of our offering. Give us a check out below! Let us know how we can help you with your Salesforce & third party product needs, or if you know of anyone that needs our services.

Contact Information ☎️

If you’d like to learn more or provide feedback (please) visit www.pongsolutions.com .

Interested in talking with us? Shoot us a note.

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