Our Heart

Our Heart

Southwest Airlines is a big inspiration to us, and not only for the aviation connection. Much like Southwest's Heart, we have one here at Trash Panda Capital also. Here is a view into our heart: 1. The Trash Panda (Raccoon) is more than our mascot, its a way of life and business. 🦝 2. We love investments in under-invested locations & industries, such as the Midwest and Small/Rural Cities, and industries such as manufacturing and digital goods. We want to provide as much opportunity and investment in these often ignored areas, as much as we can. 🌽 3. We believe in a smart use of debt and do not participate in over-leveraged buyouts. Fiscal Responsibility is key for us. ⛰️ 4. We do not participate in asset stripping, dismantling and blatant destruction of companies and projects. Sometimes we like to acquire distressed assets, but in those cases, we aim to manage our investment as ethically as possible. πŸ“¦ 5. We are a honest, simple, trustworthy company that hates the dishonest, unethical and scammy things in the world.😀 6. Aviation is a major part of what we do, from our processes to business meetings, and our office decorations. πŸ›©οΈ 7. We focus on connecting with nature, its why we are based in the western woods of Michigan. Sometimes we are busy & immersed in nature, instead of sitting at our desk all day.🌲 8. We modernize businesses and projects in respect to culture, ethics and people. We love businesses with a high potential for automation. πŸ• 9. We are lean as a company, and we intend to operate our investments the same. πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ 10. We believe in stability & long-term cashflow, which is why we hold investments as long as possible, even permanently. πŸ‘΄

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