Deal Flow as a Service (DFaaS)

Deal Flow as a Service (DFaaS)

One of our favorite things is to go and search for deals across the world. We frequently come across opportunities that are not a fit for us in our database, but might be for others. Our Deal Flow as a Service (DFaaS) allows us to share vetted and quality leads to you, with no surprise costs.

How our DFaaS works 👷

  1. You send us your investment criteria & thesis, and desired leads per day, and we will start searching for you.
  2. We will send you one deal flow lead a day (minimum), with a basic summary and contact information for the owner.
  3. When you get the leads, give us a yes or no, and we will adjust your niche accordingly.
  4. Once you close a deal, $500 is due up-front.
  5. Pay the remainder of the finders fee based on your deal terms.

Finders Fees 💸

Right now, Finders Fees are as follows:

  • $500 due at time of close.
  • 5% paid over the length of the deal terms.

We are also evaluating offering monthly retainers for the service. If that is of interest to you, please let us know!

Want to learn more? 🤔

If you want to gain access to our database or deal flow services, fill out the form below:

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