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As a kid, I enjoyed reading encyclopedias, Wikipedia, and scouring the web and world for information. Many people that know me personally call me the “Walking Encyclopedia”. With the increased amount of information that is available, it's getting easier and easier to get overwhelmed with searching for information, and many people have given up on this. In Summer of 2021, I met Stephen Olmon, and that’s when we decided to take a look at creating a new offering revolving around Deal Flow as a Service, between Trash Panda Capital and Several Ventures. He and I both agreed that #ETA #micrope and the popularity of #searchfunds will continue to rise. There are many helpful platforms (we’re both fans of Microacquire etc) where people can self-serve on the buy side, but it’s clear to us that an affordable done-for-you service was and is needed. And that’s why we started Curators - we’ve already served a handful of clients, more in the pipeline, and we will scale over the next several months. One main clarifier is that we aren’t brokers and we don’t take a commission upon sale. It’s a productized service with a focus on building recurring revenue and repeat clients.

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