Issue #32 - Pivoting out of Salesforce 🛋️

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Oct 1, 2020

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Remember that episode of Friends where the gang struggles to move Ross’ couch up a set of stairs, screaming Pivot when it gets stuck? And then they end up cutting it in half, triggering the fire alarm, and Ross attempts to return it?

Yeah, that’s been me the past month.

I started out focused on getting Trash Panda Capital up and running, but the allure and safety of a paycheck lead me to applying to positions en masse. 🤑

That ended up turning out to be a mistake. I didn’t notice it at first, but as the weeks have gone on, 75%+ of my time has been spent preparing for or completing interviews, or completing take home assessments for potential employers.

Out of the remaining time in my week, most of it was dumped into TameTheForce courses in and little time has been spent focusing on Trash Panda Capital, which is the main thing I am trying to focus on. 🤔

I’m getting back to where I was in 2017 & 2018, where I had to reinvent myself and pivot out of one industry and into another one.

When I was kicked out of the aviation industry, I struggled for 6 months to figure out where I was going to go next. I tried to get back into the industry, but it became clear I was unwanted and this wasn’t the path forward for me.

Turns out, that was the best thing to happen to me. 💌

I am extremely passionate about aviation, but that doesn’t mean that I am a fit to work in the industry. Because of who I am, I see things differently,and that lead to conflict which resulted in my forced departure.

It’s quite a shame, as I believe that each industry needs someone like me, who provides different perspective and likes to challenge the status quo. ⚔️

Unfortunately, this leads to people being threatened, and then that turns into nasty emotion to get rid of you through your own means or theirs.

There are some great people in the aviation industry but there are still nasty people there, just like in all industries.

I’ve come to this realization with my Salesforce career ☁️

When I started working with Salesforce, the industry was in its infancy to be quite honest. There was no talk about Salesforce DevOps, Sales Operations was rare, and Salesforce Lightning just came out.

When I got back into the industry in 2017/2018, I noticed that there a change for the good, more of a focus on Sales and Revenue Operations, more of a need for process skills over just technical skills. It was a great time to get in, get certified, and deepen my knowledge.

It was an industry that fit me, or so it seemed. 🏭

I ended up moving around and up in the industry, from a simple Sales Operations Coordinator role, all the way up to consulting.

Along my journey, I noticed that the industry started to rapidly change again, focusing more on development skills and specialization. On the flip side, the talk and need for process and training to make users happy and things simple for users began to fall by the wayside.

The industry became more complicated, inheriting some elements of the software development industry, such as Agile/Scum methodology, DevOps, specialized integrations, etc.

These are all good things, but also things I honestly don’t know much about because I’ve never needed to learn them.

I’m more of a scrappy guy that likes to get things done in the simplest manner possible, and some people hate this. 🖖

I’ve seen the industry take a different turn this year, especially after the pandemic started.

To sum it up, there are two ways to succeed in the industry:

  • Become as technical as possible, learn the methodologies described above, and become a developer instead of a Sales/Revenue Operations focused admin.
  • Learn nothing about Salesforce, and end up in management, because you can manage people or have a Sales/IT related background.

To put it bluntly, I am not either. 🙅‍♂️

I haven’t been that happy with the product much either. I feel that Salesforce has shipped some half baked updates lately, and become complacent and honestly lazy.

The original mission has been diluted because of the need to grow as fast as possible, and expand into as many different industries as possible.

I’m a Salesforce customer myself and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future, but there are times where it breaks for the craziest reasons and drives me nuts. 👨‍💻

My heart isn’t in the industry anymore. I used to love the product and what it could do, but lately I’ve been ashamed of it because of how much harm its caused users, and how hard it is to manage properly.

I’ve been shamed by others and burnt out for quite a bit.

I’ve hopped from job to job, not only for the money, but to also run away from the fact that I have needed to move on from this industry a year ago.

But I have been too scared to move. I like the security blanket of salary too much. The allure of the job and its benefits and my ability to be lazy and stagnant was too great.

I’ve spent the past month thinking and doing some soul searching, and I have come to the following realization:

I’m leaving the Salesforce industry behind and going all in on Trash Panda Capital 🦝

That means I am winding down pursuing jobs and freelancing opportunities, and pausing work on TameTheForce.

I will continue to use Salesforce at Trash Panda Capital, along with working with my current freelance clients for now, but I am officially exiting the industry this month (October 2020).

No more exams, job applications, interviews or conferences. 🚫

I’m cutting my losses, like Ross with the couch, and moving on to other things. Maybe one day I will hop back in, but for now, I’m off to other things.

I want to be Marc Benioff, creating industries, instead of being a follower. 🗺️

But where am I taking Trash Panda Capital? Here are some of the areas I am moving to focus on:

  • Acquisitions and building our portfolio. Admittedly, this is a longer term goal that will come to fruition once larger amounts of capital come in the door.
  • Starting and growing a scouting program, with the aim of connecting all sorts of buyers and sellers, and collecting a fee for our efforts. I expect this to be up and running this month, and our primary focus going forward. The aim is to not be a brokerage though, but rather a finder.
  • Offering business management services for Millenials and Gen X/Z , who are poised to inherit businesses through The Great Wealth Transfer. This is a longer term goal that may or may not happen, depending on how the market reacts.
  • Investing my time in learning Machine Learning and AI, with the focus of automating as much of the scouting, acquisition and management practices as I can. This is an extremely long term undertaking, but something I am extremely excited about. AI and ML is the future, but it is rarely used in the PE sector.
I’m scared shitless of moving forward with this. No more salary security blanket and tons of uncertainty. But I am excited. 🦘

I’ll have more news in the coming weeks about Trash Panda Capital, but in the meantime check out our website (with it’s new logo on the home page!).

Visit it at trashpanda.capital !

Until next time,

Mr. Trash 🦝

Catch me on Twitter @mrtrash757 ! 🐦

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