Issue #34 - Wikipedia Relaxation

Publication Date
Oct 15, 2020

Welcome to TrashPandaThoughts, a newsletter written by Mr. Trash, the Founder of Trash Panda Capital.


I had grand plans this week for a new issue, but its been a tiring week. Instead of writing, I sat and read through Wikipedia, learning more about Brexit and its history.

Yes, you read that right πŸ“š

Reading and learning more about things, anything, helps me to relax and remain sharp and well informed about the world.

It allows me to think, and reconnect. This helps me make decisions on things like:

  • Should I remove the previous two weeks of posts, and release them at another time? (Answer: Yes).
  • Does my anxiety from deal making mean I order some pizza that will break my diet and make me feel ill? (Answer: No).
  • Should I look into building business credit? (Answer: Maybe).
It’s like being in nature.🌲

Take a step back today and remember to relax and take a break from everything, especially if you are hustling hard. Nobody can go on and work hard forever.

Brief update from the Trash Panda Capital side: everything is progressing well with one of our first (hopefully) acquisitions of many. Its’s extremely exciting to finally go through the process, while also building up the scouting network.

Until next time,

Mr. Trash 🦝

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