We love things that others don't want. â™Ĩī¸ While most people are chasing the next shiny thing, we prefer things that are comfortable, simple, but provide excellent value and have high potential for automation & streamlining. Currently, we are focused on acqusitions in the transportation, travel & living life (home, real estate, adventure, garden, etc.) industries. Even if you have something outside of our current critieria, send them our way, we can put them in our deal flow as a service (DFaaS) database. We also hate the bullshit, dishonesty and ruthlessness throughout the private equity industry. Thus, we aim to hold businesses & projects as long as we can, and grow them in a slow, steady and sustainable manner, while automating them as much as we can. Long term, automated cashflow is king in our eyes. Interested in getting in touch with us? Use the form below!

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